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The Trickle Down Effect

Recent observations onĀ  human behavior convince me that once again we are experiencing the “trickle-down effect.”

The trickle-down theory is a marketing concept that states benefits flow vertically from top to bottom. And, as we all know, we have a master marketer in charge of the nation.

Today, that which flows from top to bottom is hardly a benefit.

The plumber’s doctrine that crap flows downhill better describes what is standard behavior emanating from our highest elected official.

While we greet our day relieved that we haven’t been blown to smithereens overnight, we wonder if we will have health insurance and what we will do if we get sick without it. Then there’s the tax reform plan that has people of a certain age wondering if they will end up in a one-room lean-to hovering over a candle for warmth eatingĀ canned cat food.

Every day we wake up to turmoil, with headlines blazing some new four-letter word insult originating from the oval office or a proclamation of Trump’s superiority at the expense of some hapless soul. Drivers are becoming more aggressive. In days gone by a middle finger salute was the worst you could expect if you committed an innocent driver’s faux pas. These days, if you live in a state that permits open carry of weapons you can die. Road rage is on the upswing.

Lowered standards of behavior have a ripple effect. We see more and more examples of rude, obnoxious behavior, unchecked and unchallenged by those we elected to represent us. The problem seems to be they ARE representing us and what we are becoming.

When the lowest common denominator is the standard for the trickle-down effect, we don’t have much to look forward to.