too much information about JoAnn

I grew up in Texas on the Louisiana border. The culture in my small town fluctuated between Daughters of the American Revolution types to Duck Dynasty clones.

Family dynamics ranged from South of “crazy as a Betsy bug” to way East of eccentric. I had connections on both sides which is a good thing because southernersĀ  celebrate “crazy.” We’ve elevated it to an art form and call it “eccentric.” I named my eccentricity Mary Margaret and she shows up sometimes as a guest blogger.

Having a smart mouth comes with a dubious set of benefits and I decided to utilize my gift by writing a weekly blog “biased, unbalanced AND politically Incorrect.”

“Tap Dancing in a Fishnet”, is a humorous memoir based on experiences growing up inĀ  the South with an unorthodox family.

“I Said It….I’m Not Sorry”, is a collection of essays about taking the fun out of Dysfunction.

“All My Jobs”, is a first person account of surviving bad jobs and weird bosses.

This was probably way too much information about JoAnn. Click on over to the blog.