If You Need a Job, Don’t Bother to Apply

A recent news story featuring the unemployed indicated more businesses are not accepting applications from long-term unemployed or layoff candidates. Applicants must be currently employed.

With nearly fourteen million unemployed, how did we get to a place where this obvious lack of social conscience is acceptable?

Suppose an individual had taken a survivor job; for example flipping burgers. If a hiring manager had to decide between applicants with similar qualifications, would they select the burger flipper or the person who had extensive unemployment? Or, would they presume the burger flipper was unemployable.

Working a survival job would appear to be an easy solution if you are unemployed. How easy is it to get a job flipping burgers or bagging groceries if you worked in an office? I’m guessing next to impossible, as being “overqualified” would be cited as a concern for a prospective employer.

Seems to me there is a great deal of conjecture about the qualifications of a person who has endured unemployment. One source mentioned employers feel they are taking a bigger chance on the long-term unemployed being unreliable and having a loss of job skills. While unemployed, the person may have gotten into legal trouble or fallen into substance abuse. Some businesses felt there is greater risk of theft on the job due to financial losses.

Big business continues to behave like a Wall Street spinoff and makes Gordon Gekko sound like Gandhi. If consumers drive commerce, then maybe it’s time for a boycott of products or services against companies who establish these types of hiring practices.

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