Reality TV

I don’t get reality TV. It doesn’t meet the criteria of the lowest level of soap opera standards. It’s a documentary on crack. It’s certainly not art. You’d have to have the IQ of a fruit fly to be fan of this type of entertainment.

Sister Wives

Deals with polygamy.This is about four women who were conned by a guy with an overactive libido. His legal wife has to be nuts. She’s pimping him out. He lives on the edge with a variety of partners. There is no reciprocity for her. She is stuck with worn out, warmed over remains. She gets zip for being his John, and has to put up with two other women and their kids.

Dancing with the Stars

It is a major embarrassment for participants who should know better. People who haven’t been in front of camera in years appear desperate. Should be ” Where Are They Now Dance Off. ”


Narcissism wearing designer. Pop Kardashian was O.J. Simpson’s defense lawyer. Who over the age of eighteen could possibly care about any of these people?

Celebrity Apprentice

The episodes featuring Gary Busey make Dog the Bounty Hunter look like Ralph Lauren. Storage Wars is classier and you don’t have to look at Donald Trump’s hair.

The Bachelor

Hands down the most offensive. The entire premise is disgusting. Why would an intelligent woman put herself in the position of competing to be ” chosen “? (Note: see comment about IQ of fruit fly)

Whose reality is it anyway? These programs have longevity and huge, loyal audiences. If television is reflective of the current mentality of our culture, we should not be surprised about the officials we elect to represent us, i.e. Congress, Governor of Texas and legislative body, who are all visible proof fruit flies exist.

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