Webcam101 for Seniors Perpetuates Ageism

The YouTube video of an older couple accidentally recording themselves on their webcam was intended to provide an,”aw aren’t they cute” experience. One has to wonder why the couple permitted this assault to their dignity. The fact that the video had so many hits would indicate most people have no problem viewing older people as comedic subjects. The clip was demeaning and embarrassing.

ABC news compounded the insult by broadcasting it during the prime time news hour in addition to “Good Morning America”. The newscaster who cooed over its “cuteness” is not that much younger than the couple on the video. I am disappointed she compromised her credibility as a proficient news journalist. No one over the age of 18 is “cute” and depicting older adults as such is inappropriate.

My Photoshop class is primarily comprised of older adults. Most are tech savvy and many are still employed full time beyond retirement. Continuing education in computer technology is almost a necessity for older people to remain independent and informed. The participants in the YouTube video are in the minority of today’s technically challenged older people.

The granddaughter who published the video might want to consider teaching a computer class for older people. It seems like a good way to pay it forward and lessen potential negative karmic debt created by her lapse in judgment.

Granted, we all need a laugh during trying times, but not at the expense of promoting ageism.

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