Facebook Newbie

At the risk of being labeled a curmudgeon, I don’t get Facebook. I’ve always believed it is a utility for the deeply self-absorbed who divulge way too much about their activities.

My niece finally convinced me it is the only way to stay current with the activities of our extensive family. I am somewhat tech savvy, so I believed I could handle navigating around its numerous features. It was a big mistake. Face book is not intuitive technology. One miss-step and you can tell the world stuff you wouldn’t tell a priest. I have serious issues with the information it displays. It is no one’s business if I am up at 3:00am. I don’t want anyone to know when or if I update my photo or respond to a comment.

There should be a category of “acquaintance”. This designation would let people off the hook. Being considered a friend carries a lot of responsibility. Don’t count on an acquaintance posting bail for you if you get hauled off to the clinker.

What happens when someone doesn’t “friend” you? What’s even worse is having a relative not “friend” you. Does Face book provide therapy for that kind of shun? I am sure everyone must wonder why Sally chose not to “friend” me. I shouldn’t mention this or someone is certain to “comment” and embarrass me further.

What will happen if I choose not to comment? I don’t care if someone “likes” my comment. There shouldn’t be an option to comment if people are thin skinned. How do I know my message (the one I sent about my sister’s thighs in her picture) won’t appear where I don’t want it? If you aren’t careful, you can alienate an entire branch of family. I am on shaky ground with most of them as it is.

What happens when my photo appears on a “friend’s” page? Maybe I wanted the photo to appear on my page only. I cannot post a photo of my spouse on my page. He is adamant about remaining anonymous. Will people think I have poisoned him and stuffed him in the basement if I don’t have a current photo of him?

I am going to shut down my Facebook account. Being out of the loop is not a bad thing.

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