The Californians Are Coming!

According to the local news, the number one destination for companies locating from California is Texas. An economist at SMU’s Cox School of Business stated, “There have never been so many ‘push factors’ on California, and Texas should be able to capitalize on California’s fiscal, regulatory and governmental dysfunction”.

I suppose the economist has not noticed during Governor Perry’s administration, Texas has become the poster child for governmental dysfunction.

If the Californians’ are moving to Texas to escape dysfunction they are going to be hugely disappointed. We got it in spades.

Our education system ranks near the bottom third in the nation. We have eliminated teaching positions by the boatload and the legislature has exhibited little interest in solving the problem.

The welcome sign at the border saying “Welcome to Texas, drive friendly” welcoming tourist, means them not us. We Texans rank third as the nation’s worst drivers.

Our state government has quashed women’s rights to beneath those of a prairie chicken. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service maintain a refuge for the protection of the endangered prairie chicken while resources for women have dwindled steadily during Perry’s regime.

There are scary similarities between reproductive rights for the prairie chickens and Texas women. The chickens are dependent on captive breeding programs for their survival. Women in Texas are captives of the Texas legislature regarding their reproductive rights.

I’d encourage the Californians to suck it up and stay there. The dysfunction you know is better than the dysfunction you don’t know.

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