Pantyhose Complaint Hits Below the Belt

A male reader wrote Dear Abby complaining he shouldn’t have to wear socks when he wears a suit since women don’t wear pantyhose on formal occasions or dates.

I am going to take a leap of faith here and speculate he is probably some old coot attempting to date younger women. Bet he has been watching too many TCM movies or he would realize women under age thirty don’t have a clue about what “nylons” or a “run” is. Most have never owned a pair of pantyhose.

If men are going to dictate grooming habits and apparel as criteria for dating, let’s be fair and apply the rules universally. The absence of pantyhose is a small infraction.

  • Man boobs are an adjective as well as a condition. Get a clue and wear a tee shirt when you mow the lawn or jog.
  • No one wants to share the swimming pool with someone who looks like a cast call werewolf reject for Twilight. I’d sooner swim with the neighbor’s pooch. Share the pain and wax!
  • Knee high black socks worn with white tennis shoes and short shorts aren’t cool.

The guy required a reality check and Abby wimped out with a generic, politically correct response. Citing archaic standards for women is easier than facing the fact maybe HE is a dud. If women who won’t wear pantyhose freak this guy out maybe he should cruise the early bird dinner hour. Bet he won’t find anyone wearing pantyhose there either.

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