FaceBook, Fogies and Other Fables

One of the characters in the movie, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ” found a job in a call center in India teaching the employees how to relate to older people on the phone. What a great concept. I hope that some enterprising merchant will pick up on the idea. For the most part, outmoded perceptions define older people.

Older people will not buy ugly products even if they are less expensive. We’ve had to spend a good portion of our life “settling” and sacrifice is no longer required of us. One of the products widely promoted in print media for older people is a cell phone service. The phone is hideous and you have to pay through the nose to get text messaging. One of the extra plan options is “live nurse”. For the additional fee, she should be making house calls.

The biggest misconception about older people is we are slow to embrace new technology and are computer illiterate. Most in my age group have Pc’s or a laptop, iPhones, iPads, Nooks and Kindles. We know how to program a backup hard drive to safeguard all the photos and music we have on our pc. We know how to Skype.

An article in the local news featured a story about Facebook, and that older people had failed to embrace the technology. It cited security and privacy concerns as the reason we have not embraced this form of social networking. Made us sound like a bunch of scared old fogies. Len Kleinrock, now age 77, who developed theories that would become the underpinnings of the Internet, stated he has no interest in Facebook. He is too busy to get involved in the daily trivia of Facebook. He is not alone, as most of us are not interested in allocating time for the slavish attention Facebook users seem to devote to keeping everyone “informed”.

Bet you didn’t see many of us lined up at the starting bell to purchase Facebook stock either. How’s that for being slow to embrace technology?

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