Cross Shoppers

Luxury autos are invading my world. Arrived at Target to discover the parking lot overflowed with luxury cars. i.e. an Escalade, Lexus, Mercedes and a BMW. What’s up with that?

Inside the store, I observed a gaggle of Project Runway types who looked slightly out of place.
They teetered down the wine aisle in their Christine Louboutines, affecting a disengaged stare, as if to insulate them from the masses. Totally intimidated, I managed to hide most of my body behind my immense shopping cart while pointing my Keds behind the Coors Light Beer display.

The morning news delivered an answer to this puzzle. Beginning December first, Neiman Marcus and Target will be offering a limited collection of designer items. It seems the two retailers have discovered customers cross shop their stores. I would have bet anything most upscale shoppers believed Target was a skeet shooting range for the poor.

This must be a recent phenomenon due to the economy. Middle income Americans have known for years to check out Neimans, but purchase a knock off at Target.

This new alliance has caused me to re-think shopping habits. No longer can I throw on sweats, Keds and a huge pair of sunglasses and dash in and shop. Unless I want to resemble a bag lady, shopping at Target will become a destination. I will have to have shopping bags that are color coordinated and sport the two C’s designer logo.

I hope whatever force is driving these upscale shoppers ceases. Before long, they will invade the public library en mass. After that it’s just a matter of time before you have to take a number just to get in at Tuesday Morning.

God help us all if  the cross shoppers discover Big Lots and The Dollar Store.

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