Print Journalist Rock!

Thank goodness for print journalism. The nightly television newscasts feature sound bites without the same in depth information as print journalists. The quality of information we receive will diminish dramatically should newspapers ever become obsolete. Imagine a world consisting solely of television reporting. Bill O’Reilly clones delivering anything resembling serious journalism is a scary prospect.

Our local US representative presented alarming statistics regarding the cost of healthcare in his weekly newsletter. When confronted about the accuracy of the information, the representative stated he had taken the figures from the similar newsletter of another congressman.

A long time, trusted and respected journalist from our local newspaper researched these alarming statistics and discovered they were distorted to the point they mislead. Only after careful, cited research was this information passed onto his readers. What does it say when our elected officials do not feel the same responsibility to present information accurately? As representatives, journalists better serve us than our elected officials.

This brings up some interesting points:

• There are at least two U.S representatives who are deliberately misleading us.

• Our congressional representative has too little regard for his constituents to bother researching his newsletter propaganda.

If he is too lazy to research his communication to his constituents, what else is he promoting with little or no knowledge? Is he just mailing it in, cashing his checks, enjoying his health benefits and other perks?

Current campaign blather obscures information. I wonder what would happen If political candidates were held to the same standard of research as journalist?

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