School Daze

I take online courses through our community college. School is a great way to continue learning and keep my cerebellum active, I hate participating in the required discussion boards. They are a huge waste of time and energy. Maybe the instructor is writing a novel based on some of the comments. One has to wonder if people take these courses to have an audience for a cadre of helpless captives.

Anonymity is great – you can be whoever you want to be in these discussions. The instruction to “Introduce yourself and tell us something about you” is a trip to an alternative universe.

Puh-leeze, we are not going to believe Thomas invented a cure for West Nile Virus. Megan says she wrote the original manuscript for “The Help” that was stolen from her computer. According to Simon, he has definite proof the Mayans were correct and we will all be dust December 21, 2012.

Course subject matter does not appear to change the makeup of participants in these required discussions.

Golda Do Good: Odds are it will be a female, who attempts to steer discussions toward a spiritual vein. I don’t believe John’s Photoshop creation depicts messages from a higher power. Judging from John’s earlier post, I’d  say he had been inhaling an illegal agricultural product, and most likely will have the blessed day that Golda sent him.

Alice Angry: In a huff, she states we are supposed to limit discussions to the technical applications of the software and Golda should keep her spiritual beliefs to herself. Art is whatever you want it to be.

Sam the Snipe: Is taking the Photoshop course because his employer is coercing him into using current software. He privately believes progress should have ended with the Gutenberg press.

Clara Clueless: Copies and pastes comment from the web, attempts to pass them off as her own, and wonders why no one responds to her comments.

It’s time to shake things up. I believe a new participant to the class discussion board will be a bag lady who slips into the library to take an online course. Maybe Golda will send money.

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