Ode to My Shoes

Autumn is the time of year I develop a major case of closet angst. When it comes to getting rid of shoes, it’s difficult to decide which are bound for shoe heaven.

 If I haven’t worn them in five years, it is a safe bet they need to retire. Many, worn to a state of disgrace, have been waiting for an appropriate replacement. These are destined for a trip to the dumpster under the cover of darkness.
 All my shoes have their own story and to honor those that will be joining the Goodwill bag, I dedicate the following:

 Stilettos make me teeter on my big unsteady feet.

 Black yoga flip-flops keep time to the beat.
My Donna Karan sandals, pricey though they were,
 I feel no shame.
The Uggs, they are a knockoff,
 My Wellingtons the same.
Both came from Target,
 I’m way ahead of the game.
 Black suede toners,
caused much pain.
My old fuzzy blue mules,
a reward for my gain.
Tacky blue swim shoes warned,
“Watch out for the newbie”.
Top-siders, Rocket Dogs, white Skeechers,
 Hey maybe I’m still groovy.
Gold sandals, mary janes, ballet flats ,
Oh, gee I think I’m hot.
Ankle boots and loafers scream,
 Oh, but you are not!

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