Multitasking Down the Rabbit Hole

I closed email and Skype to focus on researching the Orville Norquist Pledge. Who the heck is Orville and what’s the deal with the pledge? Wonder what would happen if I google him. Oh my, I discover things I never wanted to know about Orville. Got to check out Snopes or Urban Legends to see which might be a whopper. So many choices that one question leads to another. While reading an obscure blog about Orville, an advertisement for gourmet coffee pops up.

Ah, I am always looking for interesting coffee beans to satisfy my caffeine Jones. Think I will check it out. I delegate Orville to the bottom of the screen and click over to read about the coffee beans. African, Colombian? Which roast – medium or dark? How many ounces? Wow, only eight and they are a ransom. That price surely includes shipping.

Wait, what kind of coffee maker are they suggesting. Hoo boy, that’s a lot to spend. I minimize the coffee bean screen, and check out coffee makers at Macys. Macys has a better deal than the online offer and I get a discount. But, I remember I have a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond.

I minimize the screen and wander over to the Bed Bath and Beyond site. Their offer is much better. Oh my, they are having a huge sale on bed linens. I think I’ll take a second to check out the price. They are out of their mind if they think I’m going to pay that kind of price for linens with a miniscule thread count. Bet Overstock can beat that price.

I click on bed linens at Overstock. The linens have a much higher thread count and the prices are better. Are they offering free shipping with that? Wow, they are. Wonder if I get a promo if I order coffee beans, coffee makers and bed linens from Overstock. Eureka, I do. Now where did I put my credit card?

Two hours and three hundred dollars later, I have gourmet coffee beans, a new coffee pot and luxurious Egyptian cotton linens with a bazillion thread count. What I don’t have is the article I should have completed plus a big hit to my credit card.

In a world where multitasking is required in the workplace, I am challenged. I wonder if there are studies on the web that dispel the merits of multitasking.

I’ll check that out after I first take advantage of a terrific online deal to upgrade my word processing program if purchased with a new laptop.

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