Books at the Dollar Store

There is nothing more depressing than new books for sale at the Dollar Store. Do I purchase them? Of course I do. It’s the SPCA for books and I feel it is my duty to rescue as many of them as possible.

Where did the books come from? Did Half Price Books demote them? What ogre decided to dump them? Were they unwanted and unread? Can you imagine how a writer must feel to have their original, hardcover, beautifully designed book wind up at the Dollar store? Is it a public service to have a book cut-rate priced in order to reach a larger audience?

The humiliation of being the last standing when teams are selecting players for dodge ball does not compare. It is even worse than having the teacher ask, “Isn’t someone going to ask Mary to be on their team?” The sting of mortification that comes from the salesperson’s suggestion that you try the Plus section of the department store is nothing when compared to having your book arrive at the Dollar Store.

I purchased Dolly Parton’s biography. She is a branding genius, so how come her tome ended up in the bargain bin? I have read some outstanding books from the Dollar Store. Not wild about the “How To Repair Your Blender” manual. The missive on training parakeets was a bit of a bore as well. If you are the author of these books, please know I did my bit to support you.

My itty-bitty book only cost a dollar. To everyone who purchased a copy, a sincere thank you. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the dollar store does not open a section for fifty-cent books.

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