Don’t Call Me Sweetie

A ninety year old wrote to the local news kvetching about how she is addressed by service providers. She was irate about being called “Hon” or “Sweetie”. I agree completely. It is debasing to all women. Who wants to be “sweet”?  I have never been “sweet”.  Now that I am older I’m suddenly “sweet”. How the heck would they know?  

She unequivocally blew it when she stated, if anyone should be permitted to use “Hon” and “Sweetie” it should be HER. Furthermore she prefers to be addressed as “Ma’am”. Wow, what an ego. I wonder if she is expecting a curtsy or bow to accompany that salutation. Is she aware the colonists in the new world discontinued that practice?

Older people often reinforce negative perceptions about aging. Some of us affect an attitude of entitlement. It is true longevity has permitted us to experience more events. That simply means we are durable, not deserving. Why should we expect a reward for being a part of history other than being upright, this side of dirt?

Older people are entitled to the same respect afforded everyone; no more or no less. Demanding others call you by your married surname or a social title is hypocritical. Expecting others to call you “Ma’am” simply because you believe you have earned that designation requires a full scale, four alarm curmudgeon alert.

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