Thanksgiving – Going….Going….GONE.

Well, it’s official. Thanksgiving is on life support. It has morphed into Black Friday Eve. The bad part is we let it happen. The worst economic recession in decades did not sate our appetites for “stuff”.

Maybe this behavior is part of the evolutionary process. Back in the day early humans were hunter-gatherers. Survival depended on it. Picture a chilly autumn day, with a cave man camped out under a date tree, waiting for a Megazostrodon to make an appearance. He most likely brought extra animal hides and a supply of twigs to stave off the chill. Maybe some dried dinosaur jerky for a snack.

In the meantime, his mate was gathering like crazy. I imagine she was running from forest to forest to get the best vines for basket making. While checking out the vines, she filled her knapsack with berries and seeds. She probably rose early to beat the neighbor gatherers. She did not pause for a cappuccino. No mani and pedi awaited her completion of the gathering marathon.

This past week, our morning newspaper required a healthy heave to unravel the contents; three fourths of which were sale inserts. Television reporters switched from reporting the tragedy of hurricane survivors on the East Coast to the unintelligents camped out in front of big box electronic stores. The consumer tent people moved in four days prior to the midnight store opening. I love my television, computer and cell phone as well as the next person, but camping out to get the best price for them is lunacy.

George Santayana, the essayist, said it best; “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Personally, I am eternally grateful I did not live during the era of the hunter-gatherers. Waiting to kill my food, and thrashing around for a vine to create a vessel to contain it are most unappealing, but I’m not sure we have progressed since that time. We have exchanged Megazostrodons for big screens.

It appears to me Thanksgiving has gone the way of the cave man.

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  1. I’m know that I’m quite a bit late in posting on this one, but you are right on target. It is ridiculous that people are trampled to death over a bargain. On the the one hand, we have people who are in tents because they are homeless and on the other, we have people who are in tents because they want first dibs at bargains. Insanity rules the day! I’ve never ventured out on ‘Black Friday’ and see no reason to start now.


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