What Would (Religious Figure) Do?

There appears to be a growing trend in letters to the editor posing the question “what would (religious figure) do?” with regard to social programs/healthcare reform.

Much of the political right’s support comes from religious groups. Paradoxically, the message from the right is “I’ve got mine, too bad for you,” while they throw the have-nots under the bus.

The left believes it must present its case for social and health reform in a manner the right can relate to and cite biblical passages to support their hypotheses.

Why bring religion into an already contentious debate when no one can say with any degree of certainty how a religious figure would handle current social issues.

I find myself a recipient included in group emails that promote platforms I do not support from senders who know better. This information showcased as up to the minute on little known or carefully hidden agendas “must be passed on to as many people as possible.” The emails are bigoted, offensive and don’t pass the smell test in their opposition to social programs.

Letters to the editor and vitriolic emails serve to further polarized groups. Isn’t being kind and caring about everyone’s welfare a form of religion in itself? Can’t we promote social reform by asking ourselves, “What is the benevolent and respectful thing to do?”

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