Dog the Bounty Hunter – The Not So Odd Couple

I am a work in progress; a late bloomer. This may explain why I have never watched Dog, The Bounty Hunter. However the other evening while channel surfing I stumbled upon this bit of questionable entertainment.

I was speechless. I’ve always wondered why anyone would watch this program and now I know. It is like observing a car wreck, common decency dictates that you look the other way, but some strange force compels you to look. It is mind boggling to believe anything this bad would be on national television.

It is worse than Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars and Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo. I kept watching and waiting for some form of redemption. It never came.

Dog, has a hairdo that would make a People O’Walmart mullet look like a fashion shoot in GQ. A head full of “yeller” hair cascades down a shirt opened Fabio style. Instead of six pack abs we observe two pack saggy man boobs. Not to be outdone, Mrs. Dog’s cup runneth over in terms of mammary endowment.  Her fashion statement defies description. Bad taste in fashion is the hallmark of what is to come.

The bad guy is chased, called foul names, caught, hog tied and placed into a van for a trip to the clinker.  Handcuffed and helpless the perp has to endure hillbilly efforts to proselytize. The episode ends with a prayer circle by Dog and company.

Immigration officials in Britain rejected Dog’s application for a visa due to a former prison stint.  Could this event be the catalyst for Dog to become a spokesperson for the Tea Party? It could be an opportunity for him to reinvent himself as the poster child for government reform. It could prove to be the highest and best use of his talent.

Dog and the Tea Party have many similarities. Both are masters at grandstanding to promote ill-conceived policies. They share the same fashion forward moxie and obviously believe the power of prayer is an antidote for bad behavior.

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