Mixed Signals

Members of the legislature cite second amendment rights to guarantee ordinary citizens the right to own military weapons. These same lawmakers think nothing of passing legislation sanctioning government interference in women’s lives. Whatever your position to pro-choice issues doesn’t their argument about protecting the sanctity of life suffer short term memory loss when it comes to weapons?

American Airlines pays millions of dollars for naming rights to public arenas. They pay millions of dollars to get rid of upper level executives. However, the retirees whose labor funded those endeavors are the first to get the boot as cost cutting measures.

Cancelled White house tours got you in a snit? Well get over it, check out the virtual White House tour http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2012/04/03/youre-invited-take-virtual-tour-white-house.

What about the cost of the congressional gyms? House members pay $20 a month and the senators $40. Many Medicare recipients pay much more on drug co-pays per month. Does anyone know if congressional gyms are on Paul Ryan’s hit list of “entitlements”?

Has anyone in Washington considered eliminating painted portraits of departing cabinet secretaries? Do members of congress get painted portraits too? The idea of John Boehner’s orange likeness gazing in perpetuity is a scary thought.

Speaking of likeness, does anyone else see the resemblance between Ted Cruz and Baby Huey the cartoon character? Aside from the physical resemblance, Cruz’ platform is circa 1949, same vintage as Baby Huey’s premier.

Why are we still minting pennies? They are annoying to carry. Retailers would have to price everything in whole dollars. One prominent retailer’s member discount coupons exclude certain brands. When sale day arrives, in addition to noted exclusions, you discover everything you wanted to purchase has ninety-nine cents tacked on the end. So much for your valued membership. Eliminating pennies, at the very least would require retailers to come up with another way to stick it to consumers.

I find these situations puzzling and my only take away from these situations is this:

  • In the United States, owning an assault rifle is a priority over women’s health issues.
  • Employee’s retiree benefits are disposable.
  • If you are a member of congress, the definition of “entitlement” depends on the recipient.
  • A portrait of a departing cabinet secretary is worth a thousand words and the going price is over a dollar per word.
  • Ted Cruz is beyond embarrassing.

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