Maxine, Where Are You?

Are women becoming less independent? After reading some of the advice columns, it would appear many watch too many episodes of the Bachelorette. We are nurturing a generation of whiners. I am discouraged to see how submissive we are becoming. We wonder why the glass ceiling remains intact.

The following issues prompted young women to write advice columnist:

A volleyball mom overheard two women talking about her. They went on and on about how awful she is. She was shocked and had no idea what she had done to create this impression. She could not decide what to do or how to act around the two women. She was avoiding her daughter’s game.

  •          The advice guru suggested she invite the women for coffee and question them in a non confrontational way to see if she could find out what she had done. Why should she waste time and espresso on two backbiters?  At some level the woman knows if she is an awful person. She should BE awful and make sure their names appear on the next sign up list for volunteers to host team cookout and sleep over.

A newlywed woman stated before their marriage her husband had a liaison with a woman who lied about her marital status. She discovered since their marriage hubby had maintained contact with this woman. He will not address the wife’s resentment of the intrusion in their marriage nor cease contact with the other woman. The woman wanted to know if she should leave her spouse.

  •          Behavioral specialist suggested counseling. Where is her sense of outrage? A better suggestion would be to check out the movie “Waiting to Exhale”. She could learn about the healing properties from the glow of a bonfire. The money saved from counseling would pay for a bull-dog attorney and a nice vacation.

Another young woman was in a quandary as her parents had threatened to stop speaking if she and her new husband move to a different city. The parents had cut two of her sisters out of their lives because they moved away. She was beside herself.

  •          The columnist advised her to reach out to her parents.  Why? If wolves raise you the best way to leave the pack is to move quickly under the cover of darkness several states away.

I have never been a fan of the cartoon character “Maxine” as I believed she reinforced negative stereotypes of older women. I was wrong. Maxine should expand her endeavors to writing advice columns. There is a whole generation of young women who could benefit from her wisdom.


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