Unusual Observations

Unusual Observations:

People who turn up their noses at grits are snobs who believe those of us who eat them have three teeth and a third grade education. At your next dinner party announce you are serving polenta; add a nice wine and smile while the hypocrites devour.

If the special ingredients for homemade chili are not part of your DNA, don’t insult a Texan by serving beef and tomatoes, seasoned with black pepper, cooked until it is the consistency of a watery glob and announce you made chili. (Big hint, we don’t put beans in our chili). Unless you are native Texan, you will fail at this endeavor. Serve something else.

According to a cancer research study in the UK, http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-info/cancerstats “Ovarian cancer is predominantly a disease of older, post-menopausal women with over 80% of cases being diagnosed in women over 50 years.”

Medicare does not cover annual pelvic exams for women. Medicare does cover a vacuum erection device. There is a small payback for the inequity in services as noted by the following:
“Obviously this isn’t the most spontaneous thing,” says Tobias Kohler, M.D., assistant professor of urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. “You can imagine someone having sex with a partner for the first time and pulling out this lunch box.”

Women’s Fashion:
The Mad Hatter reincarnated as a shoe designer this season. Who wears these clunkers? The lady who trolls the restaurant area down the street has quite an extensive collection of lace up booties, but her profession requires avant garde attire.

Not content to screw up shoes Mad Hatter progressed to sports attire. Lace shorts……in the summer…..in Texas….anywhere? An after five attire option?

The programming genius who decided to cancel Brian Williams’ Rock Center must have interned at Fox news. Brian Williams is intelligent, credible and devoid of histrionics. His followers rely on him for news that is not sensationalized, regurgitated sound bites.

Poetic Justice:
The Republican congress overwhelmingly opposed Elizabeth Warren’s appointment as the head of her brainchild, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They feared the position was too powerful. Liz got even. Elected to the senate; she serves on the committee for Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs. Those who opposed her have the opportunity to work with her every day.

How long will it be before Monsanto appears on the food guide pyramid? Return of The Killer Tomatoes may become a reality. Genetically modified food, grown from seeds owned by Monsanto’s patent, served with farm raised fish could soon appear on the dinner table if it hasn’t already. Grass and moss from the tundra, served with whale blubber may soon be the remaining source of organic, natural food.

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