Research, Progress or the Rabbit Hole

A new study conducted at the University of Amsterdam suggests that human intelligence may be declining.  One explanation for the decline stated that women of high intelligence have fewer children than women with lower intelligence.

A different study suggests there is an apparent rise in I.Q. scores since the 1940’s. Women having fewer children are not given credit for the upgrade in smarts, but environmental factors such as better education, nutrition and hygiene are attributed to the increase.

This should come as welcome news to women who choose to have a large family. Isn’t it curious that women may hold a key to controlling the brainpower of mankind, but lag behind men in controlling the board room?

If human aptitude is declining, I’d say men are to blame. Men conducted these studies and aside from the fact most of them won’t ask for directions, they rarely get the big picture. A man invented the first telephone, computer, cell phone. All of these devices were the precursor to our current wired in lifestyle as evidenced by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterist and Skype. The next new thing is Google Glass. I am not qualified to address the benefits and risks of this application, but I fear it has the potential to ratchet up the instant indulgence appetite.

Having said that, and at the risk of placing myself in the curmudgeon par excellence category, I do believe the ability to reason and our problem solving skills have eroded. We “Google” everything .

Children no longer know the joy of being out-of-doors making mud pies, playing cowboys and Indians, building forts and catching fireflies.  Performing magic tricks at family events is entry-level Power Point. Writing and illustrating comic books with your brother is free enterprise 101.

The joy of rescuing a baby jack rabbit and smuggling it indoors requires stealth and ingenuity. Beating the socks off your older brothers’ in black jack instills confidence and prepares young girls for competing with men for jobs.

Am I advocating a ‘50’s lifestyle? Of course not. But if my Dr is wearing funny looking glasses during my next annual I’m outta there.

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