Dixie Chicks Perform in Canada


The Dixie Chicks are performing again – in Canada. Unfortunately, I have not discovered any information that indicates they will tour in the US anytime soon.

During a performance in London, one of the members commented they were ashamed that they shared the same home state as then President, George W. Bush. This off the cuff comment ended their career. Banished from the airwaves, branded as anti-American, radio stations refused to give them airtime. The argument that the Dixie Chicks showed disrespect for the office of the presidency is questionable.

Fast forward to today and Texans have numerous examples of shameful politicians. Some of them are such tributes to buffoonery; we too are reluctant to admit we are Texans.

The larger issue is why do we expect entertainers to do anything other than entertain? The function of an artist is to engage us with their art form. I don’t believe they strive to be role models for political correctness. Those who idealize entertainers or artist in any genre have serious deficiencies in their value system. Many famous writers would never pass the requirements for “role model” unless they were modeling misbehaving and mayhem. Have we become so lazy and uninspired that celebrities are the resource for our moral compass?

Much has changed since the vilification of the Dixie Chicks by mass media and the public in 2003. If all of the celebrities who made negative remarks about President Obama were dishonored the Dixie Chicks would compare to Mother Theresa. For example:

Clint Eastwood and his “empty chair” speech

James Woods, who called the president a “true abomination”

Ted Nugent (who likes him anyway?) called the president a monster

I’ve not read anything that would indicate these men have been banished, boycotted or maligned professionally. They were stating their opinions, not establishing national policy.

Bush is painting. Cheney has a new heart. Isn’t it time for the Dixie Chicks sing in the US again?

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