Online Dating Coach is Antiquated

Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining; penned by Judge Judy, is an appropriate reaction to the suggestions of an online dating coach.

The coach said she “speaks with amazing women over 50 about their dating lives”. Those comments are the first indication the sun is shining and what’s about to fall on your leg is not rain. The only thing I found  Amazing is the coach’s ability to funnel Phyllis Schlafly.

The coach says that women over 50 feel desperation because they are unable to find a man to share their lives with. She further states some women stopped dating because the constant rejection or disinterest from men over 50 has become too painful for them.

An online dating coach…..for women over 50, puhleeze.

Where are these women? They certainly don’t sound like today’s women. Most women over 50 that I know are smart, accomplished and too busy to engage a dating coach. Even those of us who are waaaay over 50 would never buy into this back to this 50’s mindset.

The coach’s nausea inducing tips follow:

  1. Appreciate a man for who he is. Sounds like “settling” to me.
  2. Men over 50 love it when you bring their masculinity out in them. How’s zat again?
  3. Men show you love with their actions. Does that mean he’s going to club and skin dinner?
  4. Men want to give to you. Exactly what?
  5. Don’t criticize the job a man is doing for you. Hire a handyman
  6. When you’re dating a man over 50, don’t place demands on how he must be or what he must do in order to date you. Why not, men do?
  7. Don’t try and remodel a man by making him your pet project. Too much effort for too little return. Get a dog.

As one over 50 woman told me, the worst mistake she made was the decision to share her life with a significant other after being a widow. I don’t believe older women today are desperate for male attention. Women of any age who are not self absorbed and remain active, engaged and interesting do not appear to lack for companionship.

The online dating coach’s commentary did little other than to perpetuate negative stereotypes about aging and women.


  1. Wow. Being a women over 50 and reading this advice, I can hardly wait to get back in the game.
    Mary Margaret’s older sister.


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