Mary Margaret Says Bossy is Good

 “You must have been drinking when you wrote your essay about bossy. What in the hell were you thinking?”

And thus began Mary Margaret’s angry missive.

You know good and damn farewell that Sheryl Facebook woman did not become COO by being submissive. I’ll bet she is a first rate bitch battleax.

Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret

She may be a liar too. I’m not buying her bullshix baloney about overhearing her teacher tell her friend not to be friends with her because she was bossy. Are we to believe that damaged her psyche? Ninth grade girls think about bra sizes and boys; they don’t give a damn rip what teachers say.

She wrote Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, a book that goes into detail about why women’s leadership roles have stagnated.

Women’s leadership roles have not stagnated; they never got off the ground.

Why does she believe banning a word or two is going to make a hill of beans difference. We ought to be shouting “Bossy”. We’ve been too nice. We should have been out raising hell awareness beginning with kindergarten age girls.

Instead of banning the word bossy, we should be making tee shirts that say Remember Eleanor and Be Bossy. I’ll bet that Facebook woman doesn’t even know who Eleanor Roosevelt is. If ever there was a poster child for a reason to be bossy, it’s Eleanor. She would have been far better off if she’d been a ball buster had a take-charge personality.

Poor soul was butt ugly plain as a potato and married to Franklin who treated her like crap dirt. She had four kids to take care of and deal with a hateful mother in law, while he ran around with that tramp harlot loose woman Lucy Mercer. When that Sheryl Facebook person has experienced the worldwide humiliation of having a sorry SOB husband die on you while publically screwing around cheating, I’ll ban bossy.

I had three Jose Cuervo shots while I rote wrote this so if you post this on your trashy blog, please edit.


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