Blue Jays and Elitist

The sparrows, robins, cardinals and blue jays hang out at our place.  A glimpse of their domestic, social and political hierarchy provided some interesting observations.  Except for the blue jays, there were no brightly colored males observed at our feeder during the extended winter.

The doves  proved to be arrogant and turned their noses up at the crunchy peanut butter toast at our house. They prefer a neighboring patio and the gourmand treats. This particular neighbor and the doves share an elevated sense of entitlement I find offensive. The neighbor is a tyrant board member of our homeowners association. The large amount of dove poo dumped on his patio is minimal payback for his arrogance.

The blue jays are first in line and shove away smaller sparrows. They have no social conscience or sense of fair play. I attempted to shoo one over to the neighbor’s  to dine with the doves but he refused to budge or share. The blue jays must be republicans.

The drab sparrows and robins feed and then fly off to a nearby tree, greeted by an anxious significant other. I concluded the worker birds were female and the greeters were male. Yep, the women folk were working and bringing home the bacon. It is too cold and too early for nests, so the men can’t claim warming the brood. Where is the equity in that?

I wondered if the female birds had heard about the Lilly Ledbetter act. I’m sure they have been foraging for eons in conditions far worse than the ice we had. They probably aren’t aware they  are working harder for less wages and benefits than their male counterparts.

I hope one of them will read this and inform the other birds. It’s past time for some equity back at the nest.



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