Weird Stuff in the Universe

It has been a full moon month and there is an abundance of weird stuff in the universe. I can imagine how Alice felt as she tumbled down the rabbit hole.

Topping the list of weird:

The Westboro Baptist Church’s website has a running tally of the people God has cast into hell. (Given this skill set, perhaps they should become the spiritual advisors to resolve Middle East crisis).

Per writer Mark Leibovich, of The New York Times Magazine,  Rick Perry said he might move to California after he is through ruining running Texas. Perry appeared in Los Angles for a Jewish Republican gathering. As he dined on a corned beef Reuben at an upscale deli, he offered “I’m more Jewish than you think I am.” “I read the part of the Bible that said the Jews are God’s chosen people.” Who knew that becoming Jewish is as simple as ingesting a corned beef Reuben; climate change is a hoax and homosexuality and alcoholism are resistible urges.

Ted Cruz won the Texas Republican presidential straw poll. If elected he could become the first American president to sound like he snorts helium.

Sarah Palin renounced Republican ties.

Gun nuts shopped at Targets with an assault rifle  in one hand and a bag of Oreos in the other. A sugar buzz could have scary consequences.

Researchers discovered a human albino gene found in Doberman pinschers. There may be a scientific reason for owners resembling their dogs.

It’s summer in Texas. That is weird enough for most of us and the universe needs to cut us some slack.

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