People Who Hate Cats

Why do some people hate cats?

Cats are Cate Blanchett;  restrained, elegant and mysterious. A cat keeps its thoughts to itself. They don’t want you to know everything they know.

Dogs are Sylvester Stallone; enthusiastic, “in your face”. You usually know what a dog is thinking.

You never hear much about people who hate dogs, but there is a ton of stuff written by people who hate cats.

People who hate cats have a serious personality disorder. Rather than face their own shortcomings they blame cats. One study said cat lovers have control issues. Why put a negative spin on “control issues”? I prefer the term “highly organized”.

A different study touted dog lovers as being extroverts and cat lovers as introverts. The study identified introverts as single, living alone and older female. It was a biased study, probably headed by a male who is in therapy due to issues with women, black cats, and  Halloween.



Our cat Sybil is  intelligent, non threatening and selective about her associations. I believe confidence is mistaken for arrogance. She is highly organized and adheres to a strict feeding schedule. She reminds us if we fail to maintain her boudoir in a manner that meets her standards. Aside from her extraordinary beauty, she speaks in syllables, but only when it’s her turn to speak.

I think the world would be a better place if more people behaved like cats.

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