There is Something Wrong With People Who Don’t Like Cilantro

Did you know there is a website and facebook page for people who hate cilantro?

Julia Child named it as one of the two foods she hated during a 2002 interview with Larry King. Wow!

There are recipes for pico de gallo for people who hate cilantro. That’s just wrong.

Without this herb, pico de gallo would be just a mushy mess of tomatoes and onions. Asian food would not be the same. A sprig of cilantro in a glass of water is divine; infused with vodka perhaps a cilantro-tini?

If I could find a soap that smelled like cilantro I’d use a ton of the stuff. Products that smell like cilantro are not widely promoted on the internet. Maybe I am on the cusp of a multi-million dollar money maker. I’ll bet Mr. Wonderful on the Shark Tank would be all over this idea.

Those who hate cilantro claim it tastes like soap and there is research to indicate hating it is genetically hard-wired. Who sponsored this research?

If there is research to indicate hating cilantro is genetically hard-wired; where is the research to indicate gaining weight from eating cake is genetically hard-wired?

I am skeptical about the reliability of any group that supports research to hate cilantro.

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