Safety Pins

A lone safety pin presented itself among the tangle of paper clips in my desk drawer. When was the last time I used a safety pin? Should I throw it out?  I see them  dangling from ears and noses but I’m not planning that sort of fashion statement.

Punk Rockers probably believe they started the fashion trend, but they are wrong.  Ancient Romans used a similar device. This would explain how they kept their toga intact. (Major eye roll)

The safety pin lost its importance as a necessary household item when everyone started using disposable diapers.

Hidden safety pins provided a quick way to hide a fashion malfunction. Today, no one hides them; they have evolved into a high fashion statement. I don’t think the safety pin in my desk qualifies as a  fashion accessory.

I wondered if I should hang onto the safety pin. Maybe I have an antique lurking in my desk; waiting to present itself as a surprise gift from the universe. A quick check on ebay dashed any hope that I might be on the cusp of an upcoming trend. Another disappointment.

My desk is full of items that have potential value. I have three pet rocks, a sliver of jade, a real estate calculator and an art gum eraser.

I think the art gum eraser has possibilities.

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