Create Virtues from Shortcomings

It is a waste of time and effort to rid ourselves of shortcomings. I find myself coming up sort on virtue fairly often. I discovered an easy solution; just do what the politicians do and spin that shortcoming. You can zap it over into the virtue side of the ledger fast.

It is easier to do than you might think, for example:

I sneaked into the kitchen after midnight and wolfed down the last piece of hubby’s birthday cake.  I left him a healthier selection; an apple.

I pretended to sleep when the cat howled for breakfast at five AM. I provided spouse additional time to bond with the cat.

I hit the “ignore” button on cell phone. It feels good to help callers reduce their cell phone usage.

I dawdled in the parking garage when a highly entitled male driving a hummer stalked my space. I am happy to be a positive influence on his karmic journey to learn patience.

I lied to my friend about her hideous, too short, too curly, too blonde hairstyle. The awestruck expression from others at the first glimpse of her new “do” will preserve our longstanding relationship.

I re arranged the dairy case to get to the freshest yogurt in back. I know the stock clerk appreciates the help.

I charged ahead of the annoying woman at the fitness center to get the choice locker we both prefer. She admits to being rigid. I am helping her learn to adapt.

I relocated the shoes I really like to house wares, while I price checked other stores. Those shoes were a find. The clerk received a commission.  I saved enough money to buy hubby more apples.

As my good friend says, “If life hands you lemons, make lemonade and then look for someone to whom life has given vodka”.

Metaphorically speaking, shortcomings are the lemons of  my own device and if I find myself short of a good spin, there’s always vodka.


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