What’s the time change got to do with Burros?

Checking around the web to see how others feel about the time change back to standard time, I discovered an article at the Las Vegas Review about burros and horses being confused about the time change. Seems they wander too close to the highway and their eyes don’t reflect light thus making them vulnerable to collisions with cars. Believing that to be an unusual consequence of the time change, I read the comments.

An online commenter stated the concept of wanting to protect burros and horses is part of the liberal agenda. Reading further confirmed my belief that a two legged jackass posted the comment. “Hope your grandkids – or are you gay, in which case it may not matter to you as much – enjoy their bankrupt country which will have to duke it out between Latino and Muslim cultures. I think it will get truly nasty, and that Obama knows the demographics and is trying to give his fellow Muslims the advantage they will need.”

I always find it interesting that folks who can’t spell cannot resist posting online comments and more often than not, those folks don’t like Obama. The article’s commenters offered no solution. How many people in Las Vegas are out dodging burros and horses anyway? The comments were clearly an example of what happens in Vegas, should stay in Vegas.

Moving on to other resources I concluded most people don’t believe time changes in the spring make sense.

Falling back is an easier adjustment, maybe because the hibernation factor sets in, along with the inclination to binge watch Netflix and indulge in bad carbs.

Spring forward is a misnomer and for many it’s more like a lurch forward. School kids have to wait at dark thirty for the bus. (There does not appear to be a high level of concern for school children in Las Vegas, only the burros).

I used to love daylight savings time, but I’ve changed my mind. The days are longer in the summer anyway, so why bother. Considering the heat in Texas why does it make sense to have longer days?

I welcome comments but only from people who know how to spell.

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