Radio Talk Show Hosts and Bottom Feeders

Most successful radio talk show hosts are bullies and bottom feeders whose audiences consist of unemployed mud wrestlers.

Our local bottom feeder is an arch conservative radical right winger, whose political views veer to the right of the John Birch Society. The guy is a mega jackass.

Avoiding his daily radio rant of Limbaugese hype is a no-brainer, but he appears on a weekly Sunday morning political program that I enjoy……except for his segment.

He appears with other journalists who present different points of view; when you can hear them. The guy is a jerk. He talks over other speakers interrupting them and is generally obnoxious.

He is especially condescending to a female journalist who is smart, has an impressive background and is an informed contributor. She is polite, attentive and never interrupts him while he is presenting his views.

When it is her turn to present her view, he turns red in the face, his eyes protrude. He looks like a big old bottom feeding catfish floundering on a trot line. He sputters and spews, talks over her, effectively drowning out her comments.

His obnoxious behavior overshadows any credibility for his position on the issues.

Why is it creeps like him get a free pass due to the grace and good manners of others?

For once, I’d love to see the woman dump her sense of political correctness and tolerance for abuse.

I wish she’d slap him ’til he’s as limp as a sock monkey. A shot of pepper spray, right in the kisser might slow down his staccato, rapid-fire venom.

I don’t know how she feels about Tasers, but if she decides to go there, I’ll post her bail.



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