Why We Refuse to Give Up Our Plastic Shopping Bags

Effective January first a new ordinance for using plastic shopping bags at retailers became effective. It’s a nickel a pop if you use plastic; nada if you bring your own cloth bags.

Responsibility often brings out the haters. A wave of wing nuts howled we are becoming a nanny state. One wondered if the bag fee would be covered by  food stamps or if people on welfare would be exempt from complying. The issue was not raised out of concern for the less fortunate.

Some malcontents  discussing the new law  were really in a flap.

One said she’d go to the suburbs to do all of her shopping. If she is willing to spend one to two dollars on gas to avoid using cloth bags, I’d be willing to bet my cat, that she doesn’t recycle. Maybe she will move to the suburbs.

The other moaned people would have to buy bags to pick up dog poo. Our HOA furnishes little green bags and some people still don’t pick up after their pooch. One of my neighbors hovers under his hoodie to conceal his identity as he and Rover slink off, leaving an unwelcome gift on the sidewalk.

Someone played the “senior citizen” card and said he couldn’t afford to pay for plastic bags. It seems he requires them to haul his stash of twenty bottles of flavored water. (Does beer qualify as flavored water?)

Scariest of all was the woman who said she needs the bags for medical waste disposal. She believes her “disability” should exempt her from the new ordinance. What exactly is she identifying as medical waste? Is she running a meth lab? If a person has a medical waste disposal problem, they require more than a plastic bag.

Thus far, no one has blamed Obama or the Affordable Care Act for the five-cent bag fee.

We’ve proven we are not responsible for managing plastic bag disposal and recycling. Now it’s time to man up, use the cloth ones and quit whining.


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