Things that make you wonder why?

What happened to natural redheads? You rarely see a redhead anymore.

Why do homely people have beautiful children?

Why do beautiful people have homely children?

When was the last time you saw a kid with freckles?

Why do all cars look alike?

Why does the car stop making ratchata ratchata noise the minute you drive in the repair shop?

Why does the supermarket jack up the price of healthy low carb bread?

What happened to fireflies?

Why does your hair turn from wonky to perfect the day you have an appointment to get it styled?

Why does the Doctor weigh you fully dressed then give you the stink eye when you explain you weigh less at home?

Why is the pool at the gym empty on the day you don’t bring your suit?

Why do white slacks make your butt look like a cruise ship?

Why does the dinner entree that got rave reviews from family, turn out not to be fit for dingos when you prepare it for guests?

Why is there never a cop around on the days all the loonies are out in force?

Why do smart ass comments hide when you really need one, then show up when you are home alone?

Why is it so hard to come up with a good lie when you don’t want to accept an invitation?

Why am I ashamed to admit sometimes books on the bestseller list don’t interest me?

Why are books at the Dollar store often page-turners?

Why aren’t bodice rippers taught in tenth-grade literature classes? They would cover history, sex ed and literature.

Why does Ted Cruz sound like he snorted helium?

Why do politicians turn to crap the instant they win the election?

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