Bluehead’s Are Cowards

Once upon a time, a bluehead was a derogatory term used to describe an old lady with a blue rinse in her hair, driving twenty miles an hour below the speed limit. (And, yes I know about the other definition in the urban dictionary.) In current geek speak, a bluehead is the default profile photo on social media.

GooglePlus features a blue androgynous persona. blueheadicon

Facebook’s is either a blue male with a wisp of hair or a female having a bad hair day. facebook

Casey Smith made a request to be included to my GooglePlus circle.  I might like to get to know Casey Smith. Casey is the default blue avatar. Just because a default photo is asexual doesn’t mean Casey is free to peruse my circle. Why is Casey hiding?

For all I know Casey Smith might be the male I gave a middle finger salute  for tailgating. Casey Smith could also be the hateful woman who resembles a dead carp and refuses to share the swimming lane at the gym. I have no desire to become acquainted with her.

I received a Facebook “friend” request from Bob Smith sporting a bluehead photo ID. Bob, if we are to be friends, I kinda need to know who you are.

Some people who post in blue on social media say they want to remain anonymous. Why? What’s the purpose? Why are they reluctant to show their faces unless they want to snoop. Most people on Facebook and Google have their accounts nailed down to eliminate stalkers.

Why do these people refuse to post a photo of themselves? My profile photos look worse than my drivers license ID that resembles a serial killer. I have an even worse photo on my volunteer ID at the hospital. I’ve seen better photos on the Sunday obit page in the local news.

If they want to be friends with someone who looks like me, they can at least pony up and show their faces.

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