First Impressions

First Impressions  first  published in 2010. Here it is again:

How many times have you met someone, and for some inexplicable reason, felt they were devious and untrustworthy? You didn’t want to be unfair, so you tell your inner voice that warns “watch out” to dummy up.

You look for reasons to justify questionable behavior in someone who would never reciprocate on your behalf if the tables were turned.

In the interest of being fair, you overlook incidents along the way, but most are subtle. The perp knows this, and if you say anything, it appears you are unfair.

This has happened to me often enough that I trust my first reactions are usually right on target. I don’t believe I have suffered permanent damage by not going with my first instinct.

Why upset the apple cart of a passive/aggressive? Let ’em have their fun.

Now the question is, knowing this about myself, would I change my behavior when I get a bad feeling about someone? I think not. I believe I’ve learned not to invest emotionally in these types.

Some say life isn’t fair, but I believe life is fair, and sooner or later karma is a force to be reckoned with.


Carly Fiorina’s endorsement of Ted Cruz confirmed my first impression of her.


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