Senior Citizen Refuses Job Offer

From the archives:

Williams, JoAnn Beaches Leader, Atlantic Beach, Fl.9 Nov 2007 print

I was excited about the company and interview. They had an inordinate amount of turnover and were seeking stability, but what appeared unto them was a SENIOR CITIZEN.

job applicant
job applicant

“I want to thank you for the interview and the subsequent offer of employment. However, I feel I must decline the offer. You indicated that one of your  managers felt hiring a senior citizen would be an advantage to your company as I would not be bored.

I assume she theorized it would take longer for me to complete tasks and, therefore, I would be a more focused employee.

I am guessing you felt it would take me most of the day to shuffle to my computer, figure out how it operates, then it would be time for lunch and if I managed to remain upright and awake, I would only have to be productive four hours of each day.

This would explain the salary range as it  is based on about four hours of compensation for eight hours of production. I would have preferred to be considered an asset because of my skills and abilities.

Should I have been relieved that I found an employer who felt, because of my  age, I would be grateful to have a job? This is not unlike kissing the ugly girl at the party because she will be  grateful.”

A good forty years after the bra burners of my younger days told us we could do anything, I was  naive enough to believe skills and abilities will take precedence over a youthful bod.

My 90-year-old father bristled at being offered a Senior Citizen Reward. He refused any discounts associated with that category of consumer. At the time, his offspring thought it was humorous  for him to take such a stand.He was correct to be offended. Who in his right mind would ever be proud of the catchphrase “Senior Citizen”?

Exactly what group of people does it define?

What kind of a mental picture does the term evoke?

I don’t know how other mature people feel about the term, but I’m ready for a new definition.

The  firm went out of business six months later.



Postscript: Nine years later and I still can’t stand the designation senior citizen.


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