Growing Old and Sissies

Bette Davis said, “Growing old ain’t no place for sissies.”

That overused phrase is a poor excuse for lack of a positive outlook. Aging is inevitable if you are lucky.

The secret about aging is our inner spirit doesn’t change.


Mainstream media and demographers would have you believe otherwise, but they are wrong.

The train may have left the station to begin its journey toward that mystery destination, but what makes you uniquely you doesn’t change.

One doesn’t decide when they reach the half-century mark to stop listening to rock and roll. Women who keep up with fashion trends still love clothes. Men who love cars, still go batty at the sight of a sports car.

Some aspects of ourselves  change in ways we don’t embrace. I know I’m shocked every time my forty-something inner spirit passes a mirror and sees her grandmother staring back at her.

Body parts may not perform the purpose for which they were originally intended. We adapt.

Every phase of life has challenges:

The teenager struggling with identity issues and peer pressure.

A college student struggling to maintain grades and pay for school.

Single parent mom’s who balance jobs, finances and child care.

First-time parents who navigate the landmines of being responsible for a newborn.

Living with horrific diseases for which there is no cure.

Meeting challenges in all of life’s stages is no place for sissies. Aging brings the advantage of experience in having met many challenges.

Maybe Bette was having a bad day when she coined that phrase. I think it is time to retire it.


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