Glenn Beck is Moving to Texas

From the Archives—-

Written in July 2011. Fast forward to July 2016.

By comparison Beck doesn’t look half bad.


If Perry wasn’t burden enough for Texas to bear, now Glenn Beck will add to the grinning jackass mix.

Why do all the “over the top” nut jobs move to Texas? It only takes a few of them to brand Texas as a depository for loonies.

Half the country already believes Texans are misfits and we deserve Perry and his cockamamie leadership.

Comments on the internet indicate there is a lot of support among Texans for Beck’s residency here. I think Beck’s followers are more vocal, giving the impression there is a lot of support for the relocation to Texas.

Most people I talk to are less than enthusiastic about Beck. Judging from recent reports, Beck can’t get out of New York fast enough to suit a lot of people.

The Bart Simpson look alike, a symbol of tea party conservatism, is renting a $20,000 per month mansion in an upscale gated community, in Ft Worth.

I suppose his support for independence and freedom from government interference was lip service.

I am surprised he passed up the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his beliefs and live among some of the paramilitary survivalist in east Texas.

I can picture it now, Beck; clad in overalls and a straw hat, skyping his rhetoric from a sovereign republic in the woods.

He’d save a boatload of money on production costs using a generator and cell phones.

I’m sure he would come to love outdoor plumbing in time. And, he’d probably improve his marksmanship learning how to shoot outsiders who attempted to enter his oasis.

Texas has been home to a few notorious undesirables. Bonnie and Clyde and Lee Harvey Oswald called Ft. Worth home.

Robert Tilton’s Word of Faith Church did little to enhance Dallas image. Who can forget David Koresh and the Branch Davidians?

As a state, we’ve suffered enough. Beck is just too much.

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