Pantyhose Be Damned

Dorothy Parker’s quote “She Dreamed by day of never again putting on tight shoes”——

After reading my Dorothy Parker writer’s quote, a friend commented that Dorothy should have just waited until she got older.  Age brings freedom.

Dorothy  probably would have refused to wear pantyhose at any age.

During my time at the daily grind, it infuriated me that employers  had numerous requirements for female employee’s dress code, while the men got off with rules regarding facial hair. (To be fair, employers did not address facial hair on women.) smug man enforcing pantyhose rule

It’s bad enough to work for less money than a male; being required to wear pantyhose is over the top misogyny.

Then there is the cost/appearance factor. As I recall the fashionable, but expensive ones sprouted a snag the minute they met shoes.  The cheap ones made your legs look like Auntie Acid on steroids but survived from cradle to grave.

The day employers decided women could wear slacks to work; I bundled up all my pantyhose and gave them a decent burial. Shortly thereafter, my dresses and skirts joined them.

I never looked back.

Most women today do not own pantyhose.

I’ll bet any woman today under age thirty doesn’t  know what they are.

Want to know who is wearing them these days?

Research indicated Washington Republican staffers and wives wear tights and pantyhose in the winter. In the summer, only staffers who work for southern republican senators wear pantyhose.

I’ll refrain from stating the obvious about southern republicans.

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