Resident Jackass is in Need of a Quicker Picker Upper

Hey you; our resident jackass wearing your usual tacky tropical theme shirt with black knee high socks and disgusting topsiders.

Once again, you have left no doubt that you are an idiot.

We live in a condominium complex where everyone has huge bay windows that look out onto the green grass parkway. After all this time, did you believe no one would see you walking your miniature black poodle without a leash?

Your dog pooped smack dab in front of one of those bay windows, three feet away from the dispenser. You did not even pretend, as is your usual custom, to grab a doggie litter bag from the dispenser.

You looked to your right, then to your left to see if anyone witnessed the act. The only thing you picked up was your pace as you walked away from the “pile”.

Did you really believe that if the dog trailed behind you, no one would know you’re the owner? Your sense of entitlement is astounding.

I suppose it’s true you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.











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