Staying Positive is Feel-Good Baloney

sketch copyright©by Krandel Lee Newton artist

Mary Margaret returns as guest blogger

Enough of the feel-good baloney.

Given the current state of affairs, there’s a lot of chatter about remaining positive.  I’m positive the next four years are going to send us back to the dark ages.

It’s going to take more than  Deepak Chopra mantras to get through the next four years. I’m a realist. Realist often bear the label of negativity if they don’t agree with the Pollyanna group.

My independent research offers these suggestions for staying positive:

Have a positive support group

The corner bar; they are always upbeat. Their solutions make more sense than the twit who tweets nonstop.

Express what you are grateful for

The ability to delete my twitter account.

Retrain your mind

Not happening. No amount of brainwashing can get me to accept the Hustler-Elect as the leader of the free world.

Exercise your body

My body will find itself marching to protest any effort to limit my choices about my reproductive rights.

Accept and find solutions

I am forced to accept the fact that we have elected a person who is unfit to lead our country.  The only solution is for Congress to remove him from office.

Live in the now

It is depressing to contemplate the “now.” Most of us did not choose to live the next four years under the leadership of a reality kingpin. We are reproached, “You always want to go with what’s come out of his mouth rather than look at what’s in his heart.”

What came out of his mouth is what got him elected.  It’s what’s in his heart is what scares the hell out of me.

Just go with it

“It’s not my circus and not my monkeys.” The old polish proverb does not apply here.  Like it or not, it’s our circus and, and our monkey.

The only thing I am positive about is that I will never run out of writing material for the next four years.

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