Five Frustrating Characteristics of Annoying People

created by Ryan McGuire

First published January 2016. Seems we still have rainy day people and one-upmanship people.

In rebuttal to some unflattering comments about the Women’s March on January 21, 2017



Annoying people seem to share these five frustrating characteristics.

People who take the high road:

I don’t often find myself on the receiving end of an undeserved insult. When I do, I expect unconditional solidarity from pals and not the equivalent of a bitch slap.

Delivered with a dose of superiority, the comeback “take the high road” or “behave with dignity” smarts. The admonition to behave with dignity is often cited by people as their excuse to do nothing.

Had I elected to travel the high road, the unwitting soul I cornered and I would not be having a conversation.  People who believe behaving with dignity as opposed to speaking out should establish their position early on in a relationship so I can avoid them for venting sessions.

No man’s land people:

Exhibit a stealth persona similar to bats. Don’t expect solidarity from these sorts. They don’t take part;  observe but never engage and never express opinions.

You don’t know if you are dealing with a Hannibal Lecter or a bored intellectual.


These types fall into two categories:

People who call to ask for help, then proceed to tell you why your suggestion won’t work. If they know what won’t work tell them they are half way to solving their problem and hang up.

People who provide help by offering solutions before listening to the problem.

In a just world these two meet, drive each other crazy and leave the rest of us alone.

One-Upmanship people:

I don’t care if you invented penicillin; they always claim to be best in class in every benchmark established since Lincoln was in office. Run!

Rainy day people:

These are one-upmanship people with a serotonin deficiency. Run!

I scheduled my Briggs Myer test for next week.

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