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All My Jobs

I made a career out of survival jobs. Over the course of my adult working life, I’ve had an eclectic mélange of a career. I’ve had more bad jobs than a hooker. I’ve met more weird people in the workplace than a hooker.

Over the course of my adult working life, I’ve had forty-two jobs and stopped counting. I surprised even myself. I did not have career goals. Pursuing my passion was never an option. Surviving was my passion and the reason for all my jobs.

I never mastered the knack of networking or schmoozing management. This was evident in my lack of promotion to any kind of meaningful position.

A physic told me my zodiac sign gave me the ability to work with the insane. The problem with that was the employment God dictated that I work FOR the insane. Weird circumstances in the workplace seemed to follow me. There is not a university anywhere whose business curriculum covers workplace situations I’ve encountered.

I’ve worked for enough freaks to write a book—

All My Jobs

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JoAnn Williams

I am a lifelong Southerner, short story author, and essayist. Home is Dallas, Texas.
My essays have appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine, The Dead Mule School of Southern Writing.

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