Thank You, Donald J. Trump


I would never have believed I’d have reason to thank Donald J. Trump for anything

But it so happens I do.

I no longer receive alt-right-wing, tea party emails from people who believe I am political fair game. You know, the emails headed with bold red exclamation points to signify importance. They compound the insult by writing in caps.

The subject line screams; “Forward this to everyone. Spread the word, Barack Obama is a secret Muslim.”

A peanut farmer from Florida jammed my inbox with misinformation stating, “Climate change is a liberal conspiracy” and “the organic industry’s GMO hoax.”

“The affordable care act has a hidden agenda to establish death panels,” arrived from an obscure religious sect.

People send these sorts of volatile untruths in the hope that we politically challenged liberals will see the light and repent.

Since Trump’s been in office, I don’t have to lie or hide from the zealots who send this stuff. No more falsehoods about how my email isn’t working.

My southern Baptist aunt’s emails warning me about the coming passion and my state of unpreparedness have ceased.

Online comments warning me I am going to hell, (most likely friends of my southern Baptist aunt) if I don’t change the tone of my blog, have dropped off to a mere trickle.

I have not received one single email complaining about Trump giving his family white house staff positions. Everyone is keeping quiet about his son’s travel on the taxpayer’s dime to Dubai.

I have yet to receive one fiery missive about Melania’s wardrobe or lack of participation as First Lady.

The Donald has changed the contents of my email inbox. The people who sent all the politically charged, off-the-wall emails are silent.

Could it be they are ashamed the twitter-in-chief turned out to be a twit?


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