High Impact High Energy Female CEO

A recent article about the high impact, high energy first female CEO of a philanthropic non-profit was full of praise.

Under her leadership, the non-profit provides a valuable service to the community. Not to discredit this woman, but there are many smart, capable women who would make equally impressive leaders, save one niggling little factor ….money.

Described as amazing,  as my jaundiced eye continued to read I thought how could she be otherwise? Given her resources, many women with similar abilities could be amazing. Her predecessor’s compensation is reported to be in the four hundred thousand dollars per year range and she probably can look forward to a similar figure.

Married to an attorney,  she participates in posh charity fundraisers; the ones that involve designer ball gowns, large donations, and residence in an exclusive zip code.

Her day begins at 4:45 AM with her personal trainer (code for not your average Jane) and usually ends at midnight.

Nonstop meetings with major donors; luncheon with key supporters including an out of town trip are all part of her normal workweek.

With her busy schedule, she manages to run the kid’s carpool.

After an exhausting day at the office, she appeared at her child’s private school festival, to make guacamole and quesadillas.

Oh puh-leeze. (This is the part where I blew coffee out of my nose when I read it.)


A resourceful,  amazing working mom races to the local Kroger to pick up take out for her child’s public school function; removes the food from the take-out carton, places it in another container and moves on.

Just for once, I’d like to read about high energy, high impact woman, with the same skills and abilities, from an average zip code community,  selected as the first female CEO of a nonprofit.

Her spouse is an average Joe. A  working mom, whose personal trainer consists of hauling kid’s backpacks and car seats.

Her only ball gown is a hideous maid of honor gown stuffed in the recesses of her closet.

And she has enough panache to disguise supermarket take out at a school function.


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