Sybil’s Retirement

Sybil believes after seventeen years of labor, she’s earned the right to retire.

She spent most of those seventeen years  doing hard time training the humans that care for her. Her efforts paid off, as her favorite male human turned out to be a servant par excellence.

She cites her as most important accomplishment training him to perform her boudoir requirements. She could not bring herself to “cover”; a practice she considered declasse. It hardly took any time at all for him to respond to repeated, high-pitched yowling and scurry to her box and take care of the issue.

With patience and fortitude, she managed to convey her preferences for her sophisticated palate. A few well-placed hairballs brought forth an immediate remedy; plump, juicy canned sardines. Only one brand met her prerequisite that the sardines must be water packed. A  disdainful snub conveyed to the human that she found oil packed sardines a bit common. Often the human has to go to several locations to find the preferred sardines in stock.

In order not to upset her delicate digestive system, breakfast must be served no later than 6 AM. When met with resistance from the human, it only took a couple of head butts to achieve the desired goal. The human was a quick study. In a matter of days,  he had the routine down pat.

Immediately following breakfast, Sybil meditates for the morning.

Her preferred location is the human’s bed. She prefers the male human’s side of the bed, lying on her special cover with her head abutting his pillow. Sybil in Retirement

When Sybil observed the female human with a raging fever of 110 and a cough that should be written up in WebMD and  the male human asked “What’s for dinner” she vowed she would take a different tact.

A gifted drama queen, Sybil exploits an insignificant medical issue of any kind into a speedy trip to the vet. Sybil does not have insurance, but if the humans give up food, and prescription drugs, they should recover financially in no time.

In retirement, Sybil holds court on the heretofore forbidden leather sofa and no one seems to mind.


Cats can be aloof to human house guests, but Sybil’s disdain is legion.


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