Pennyroyal Tea

Years ago, women drank Pennyroyal tea as a solution to a desperate situation.

Not without risk, a small miscalculation could cause death. It was a risk a woman took when she had no other option. The silver-haired woman remembered.


Scanning the room, she wondered if the Governor and Lieutenant Governor enjoyed their tea. The washed cups left no trace of the contents. When she had satisfied herself that no evidence remained, she removed the rubber gloves and placed them in the briefcase. She closed the door behind her and walked toward the elevator.

No one noticed the small dark-haired male, carrying a briefcase.


The State Attorney General requested afternoon tea and asked that no one disturb him while he reviewed briefs. No one did.

The halls were empty except for a small dark haired male walking toward the elevators.


After adjourning the state’s Supreme Court for the day, the Chief Justice and the four male justices of the court met for tea in his chambers. It had been a tough day and no one deliberated over adding bourbon to the tea. The bourbon enhanced tea created a brief jovial chat among the justices followed by silence.

A small, dark-haired male carrying a briefcase, entered the parking garage and vanished.


A silver-haired woman driving a vintage car waved to the parking attendant as she exited the parking garage. An hour later, she arrived at her apartment building. Parking in her usual basement spot, she made her way to the elevator after discarding a small briefcase in the building’s furnace.

It had been a busy day. The silver-haired woman settled in her favorite chair after placing a martini on the adjacent table. She turned on the television and watched a breaking news banner race across the bottom of the screen.

She picked up her cat, Oscar. Stroking his fur, she said, “Oscar, some men just can’t handle tea parties.”

First published May 2015 in Flash Fiction Magazine

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